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Sealing for safety and stable power supply

Sealing for safety and stable power supply

Hydro power plant operators in Bakaru and Bilibili, Indonesia, struggled with rats, snakes and rain water causing risks of short-circuit, downtime and repair works. The solution to the problem was to install Roxtec seals around existing cables.

The state electricity firm PLN's plants play a critical role for eastern Indonesia. The Bakaru plant has not had a trouble-free story, because of a lack of proper cable sealing solutions. The heavy rain is a constant threat, while rodents cause damage to power cables, and snakes entering buildings put employees' health in danger.

Professional approach

The Roxtec team presented its solution, and PLN decided to give it a try. The Roxtec team in Indonesia came to site to install seals where cables enter buildings and at the same time provide installation training for contractors.

Roxtec seals are now installed in the dam control station, the main transformer and the basement area. Retrofit frames are used around existing cables in floors and walls.

Long-term flexibility

There were two alternatives for sealing the transits in the trenches. PLN could fill them with cement and never be able to access the 300 cables, or install Roxtec and have the possibility to add cables whenever needed. The choice was easy.

In the Bilibili plant, Roxtec seals are used for power cables in order to ensure a seamless 24-hour operation. Roxtec provides protection from water and pests.

After professional support from Roxtec, Bakaru and Bilibili have become the project reference in PLN for its advanced sealing solutions.
Joko Sularno, PT PLN South, West and South West Sulawesi

Why use Roxtec?

  • Retrofit solutions
  • Fire protection
  • Water-tightness
  • Rodent barrier
  • Snake barrier

Project facts

Project description

Multi-cable transit retrofit project in hydro power plants in Indonesia


PT. PLN Wilayah Sulselrabar


Power cable entries in walls and floors in buildings such as control stations and transformers

Sealing requirements

Watertight and fire-barrier