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Solutions for bonding and grounding

Solutions for bonding and grounding

Use Roxtec BG™ sealing solutions for metal clad, armored or shielded cables – for efficient bonding and grounding.

The Roxtec BG™ (bonding and grounding) product family is a cable entry system for sealing large quantities of metal clad, armored or shielded cables in the least amount of space. Use it in building structures, cabinets and enclosures to ensure safety and save design and installation time.

Save a lot of space 

Roxtec BG™ solutions are up to 70% more area efficient than cable glands and a direct replacement to cable glands for terminating metal clad and armored cable types. With a single cable entry, you can seal varying outside diameters of single or multiple cables while ensuring a certified bonding or grounding termination.

The system uses a heavy-duty braid to bond and ground armored or shielded cables. It has a high current withstand capability for short-circuit and surge currents.

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EMC protection
  • Certified for electrical safety
  • Hazardous (Ex) locations
  • Bonding and grounding
  • Lightning protection
  • Fire rated, gas- and watertight

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