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Supplier section

Let us work together to ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability around the world. As supplier to Roxtec, you can find stimulating business opportunities and enjoy continuous growth.

At Roxtec, we recognize our suppliers’ great contribution to the global success of our company. We understand the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with existing suppliers who have proven their ability to provide products and services of high quality in a safe, timely and cost-efficient manner. Expanding, we also know it is vital to add new and interesting suppliers. If you would like to introduce your company to our sourcing department please fill out the form below.

Working with Roxtec

We have an elaborated supplier process including the selection, development and continuous evaluation of suppliers. The qualification phase starts every time we experience the need for a new supplier. After a market analysis, we visit the potential supplier or propose a self-assessment. If all criteria are fulfilled, we decide to move on to supplier audit, supplier agreement and possibly sample run. Then we are happy to welcome you as approved supplier and begin our common journey.

Long-term partnership

Our procurement process is an ever-lasting improvement work. We follow up our supplier agreements with a yearly evaluation, resulting in either a new supplier audit or a development meeting. When any required actions are taken, you are approved again. In almost all cases, this means we all together have increased our efficiency and taken another step towards perfection.

Discover our SupplyNet

As existing Roxtec supplier, you have access to important and useful information on our SupplyNet.

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Business ethics, labor and environmental principles

In our work for continuous improvement within quality, our work is guided by Roxtec Core Values.

Focusing on safety and human rights

The Roxtec Code of Conduct clarifies our position regarding ethical and environmental issues, and we require that all managers, employees, partners and suppliers involved in business operations under the Roxtec brand respect and follow the Code. Read more about our Code of Conduct.

Environmental sustainability

Roxtec safety products protect life and assets. Together with our suppliers, we strive to minimize the use of resources. Read the Roxtec Environmental Policy.

Conflict minerals

Roxtec only sources from suppliers confirming they are “DRC conflict free”. Read our Conflict Minerals Policy and Conflict Minerals Report for more information.

Quality assurance

Roxtec International AB is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Find the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates in the collection of Roxtec policies and documents below.

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