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Sealing solutions for cables and pipes

Protect life and assets with the world's most flexible and innovative transits.

The Roxtec way

Seals for multiple demands

Superior sealing solutions for countless applications. 

Save design time

The Roxtec Transit Designer™ simplifies engineering.

There are...

offshore wind farms protected by Roxtec cable and pipe seals.

Euronaval 2020

60 Rue de Monceau, Paris, France

Partnership for protection

We help you from new-build to retrofit.

Sealing solutions for cables and pipes

Roxtec develops, manufactures and delivers flexible sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Roxtec modular-based transits are used for cable sealing and pipe sealing in numerous demanding industries and projects worldwide as the seals provide certified protection against multiple risks, including fire, gas and water. The Roxtec invention for adaptability, Multidiameter™, is based on sealing modules with removable rubber layers and allows for a perfect sealing, regardless of the outside dimension of the cable or pipe. 

Roxtec sealing solutions on

The Roxtec website presents the global Roxtec Group, which serves and supports cable and pipe seal users in more than 80 markets, and the wide range of industries that benefit from using Roxtec safety seals in walls, floors, decks, bulkheads and cabinet and enclosure applications. You find complete product data for the various Roxtec sealing solutions and sealing components as well as extensive information that will help you understand the huge difference between Roxtec MCT (multi-cable transit) sealing technology and cable glands.