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Entry seals for electrical cabinets and enclosures

Benefit from the flexible Roxtec sealing system.

Entry seals for electrical cabinets and enclosures

Roxtec entry seals are ideal for electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures. The entry seals include Multidiameter™, our innovative solution for adaptability which simplifies design, installation, and maintenance. The sealing modules in the entry seals have removable layers enabling a perfect fit to cables and pipes of many sizes. You just peel off layers until the module fits the cables or pipes.

One area efficient Roxtec cable entry seal, such as the Roxtec HD transit for high cable density cabinet or enclosure applications, can replace up to 32 traditional cable glands. You can install the entry seals today and create built-in spare capacity for tomorrow. The spare capacity makes it easy to open the entry seal and change or expand by adding cables in the electrical cabinet or electrical enclosure without punching new holes or adding extra material. By using Roxtec entry seals, you can thereby plan for upgrades, save design and installation time, and avoid unpleasant surprises onsite regarding the amount or size of cables. You can add cables without adding cost.

Smart cable and pipe entry seals for electrical cabinets and enclosures

Are you trying to figure out how to run pre-made coaxial cables through an enclosure? And how to make sure your electrical enclosure cable entry is sealed? Roxtec cabinet and enclosure sealing solutions allow you to route and seal pre-made and pre-terminated cables without cutting off connectors. Roxtec entry seals for cabinets and enclosures have large openings making them ideal for use with pre-terminated cables. You can adjust and trim your system at the factory and eliminate the time-consuming and insecure cutting and reattaching of connectors onsite. The result is better connectivity and less risk of EMI and signal loss, which is very appreciated by our customers working with for example marine electronics enclosure cable pass-throughs. To summarize, Roxtec cabinet sealing systems help you maintain the integrity of the connection while ensuring long-term operational reliability, shorter installation times and reduction of installation costs. Hopefully, you have now found the answer to your question on how to pass electrical cables through an enclosure.

Sealing cable entry points on waterproof electrical enclosures

Roxtec electrical cabinet seals and pipe entry seals provide protection for waterproof electrical enclosures against a wide range of hazards. Typical examples, besides water, are gas, smoke, dust, fire, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Roxtec offers cabinet and enclosure sealing solutions that are certified by industry recognized certifying authorities and have been tested and found compliant by recognized testing laboratories worldwide. Here are some proofs of safety:  

  • IP 54, IP 66/67, IP 69K
  • Fire protection
  • Watertightness
  • Vibration damping
  • UL/NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 12K and 13
  • EMC
  • Pull-out resistance

water on seal for cabinet

More cable, less cabinet

Roxtec entry seals are an excellent option for cable management in waterproof enclosures and allow the routing of multiple electrical cables or pipes through each opening in an enclosure. You eliminate the need for drilling or punching new holes for cable glands – and you know that a hole is always a possible leak path. Instead, you make it easy to reduce the size and cost of cabinets. The seals can be pre-packed at the work bench for quick field installation in electrical cabinets and other electrical enclosures such as junction boxes, terminal boxes, and weatherproof outdoor cable box enclosures.

Fewer warranty claims for electrical installations

By standardizing with Roxtec entry seals for electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures, our customers have been able to achieve safer and more reliable installations of cables with connectors. This reduces their costs for repairs after delivery due to component failure and improper routing.

Roxtec cable and pipe entry seals for every industry

Are you looking for an entry seal for an electrical cabinet or an electrical enclosure? Our reliable and flexible sealing solutions for cable and pipe entry points are used in a wide range of industries and applications. You find Roxtec entry seals for cabinets and enclosures in demanding environments on land and at sea all over the world. Here are some examples to give you an image of their diversity:

Application areas for Roxtec entry seals for electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures

Machine builders/panel shop

Power supply cabinets, robotic routing machine control cabinets, high pressure wash-down environments

Rolling stock

Driver cabs and engine rooms, light railway vehicles

Military vehicles

Roof-top cable entries in ambulances, radar control cabinets, V-hull vehicles


Transformers and switchgear, converter systems, junction boxes, control cabinets and HVAC cabinets

Power generation

I/C cabinets, generator and turbine cubicle marshalling cabinets, cabinets in wind turbine nacelles

Process industries

Entries for SWA or MC cables in Ex e terminal boxes, DCS/PLC and I/O marshalling cabinets, instrumentation and communication

Offshore oil and gas

Generators, thrusters and motor terminal boxes, outdoor and indoor cabinets and enclosures bonding, grounding and termination of conduits, armored and metal clad cables in control cabinets and junction boxes

Marine industry

Cabinets and enclosures on captain’s bridge, RFI shielded EMC and firestop solutions for radar and navigation equipment in radio rooms, generators and propulsion systems


Entry ports in base station shelters, fiber optics and cables in communication centers, telecom cabinets

How to use cabinet and enclosure seals in your project 

Select your industry to see typical applications where Roxtec cable and pipe entry seals secure vital electrical and electronic equipment by sealing cabinets and enclosures.


Ports │ Road tunnels and bridges Buildings │ Civil constructionTelecom │ Water management

Manufacturing industry

Food & beverage │ Robotics │ Turbines & generators 


Carriers & cargo ships │ Cruise liners & ferries │ Naval vessels │ Yachts

Offshore oil & gas

Drill ships │ FPSOs │ Jack-up rigsSemi-submersible rigs and platforms


Gas turbine power plantsNuclear │ Solar │ Transmission HVDC │ Transmission AC │ Distribution │ Energy storage │ Offshore wind power │ Wind turbines │ Onshore wind power │ Green hydrogen

Process industries

Mining & metals │ Onshore oil & gas & petrochem │ Pulp & paper

Roxtec BG™ B for sealing, bonding and grounding of cables in electrical enclosures

The Roxtec BG B and BG (bonding and grounding) product family is our cable entry system for sealing large quantities of metal clad or armored cables in the least amount of space. Use it in your electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures to save design and installation time – and to reduce weight and costs. Roxtec BG™ B and BG™ entry seals are lighter and up to 70 percent more area efficient than cable glands and a direct replacement to glands for terminating metal clad and armored cable types. With a single cable entry from Roxtec, you can seal varying outside diameters of single or multiple cables while ensuring a certified bonding or grounding termination.

For electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures, Roxtec BG™ B and BG™ solutions allow for the size and weight of cabinets, enclosures and boxes to be greatly reduced. A single cut-out for a standard Roxtec CF 32 BG B kit can accommodate up to 32 cables, which drastically reduces the amount of space required when compared to 32 individual cable glands.

Seals and transits for electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures

Cabinet entry sealing solutions replacing “pig-tails”

Do you wonder if you should use shielded cables inside an electrical enclosure? Flattened braids, combining large copper masses in a flat form, are often used to ensure earth paths for higher frequencies. The Roxtec BG™ B and BG™ solution has such a braid embedded and surrounded by the solid metal frame. This solution can therefore easily replace weak solutions such as “pig-tails” – individual earthing conductors connecting the cable armor to the earthing bar.

  • Seal, bond and ground metal clad and armored cables
  • Ensure electrical safety and protect life and assets
  • Reduce the area required by 70% compared to cable glands
  • Perfect for electrical cabinets and electrical enclosures
  • Fire rated and available for hazardous locations (Ex)

Roxtec EMC cable and pipe cabinet entry solutions

To ensure EMC, electromagnetic compatibility, you must limit the effects of EMI, electromagnetic interference, entering the electrical cabinet or enclosure, while minimizing the potential for EMI generated within the enclosure from escaping and causing interference with nearby electronics. Roxtec EMC entry seals for cabinets and enclosures can perform multiple risk prevention functions at the same time. They can combine protection against disturbances from technical systems with protection against risk factors such as fire, smoke, water, gas, vibration and even the risk of explosion. So why use many components, labor time and space when one Roxtec system is enough?

Entry seals protecting against increased EMI exposure in cabinet and enclosures

Entry seals protecting against increased EMI exposure

Electromagnetic disturbances travel either conducted along a metallic object or propagate through air. The conductive armor in a cable can carry unwanted signals and cause interference in a system far away from the original source. It is crucial for designers, engineers, and owners to consider the risk of EMI exposure and to include EMC into the initial electrical design for cabinets, enclosures, and terminal and junction termination boxes. Roxtec cabinet entry seals support best practice EMI protection principles by providing a single entry and by integrating the earth path.

Cabinet and enclosure seals providing electromagnetic shielding

Roxtec also provides solutions for cables going in or out of electromagnetically sealed electrical enclosures. The entry seals are tested to a minimum of 18GHz to prove the shielding effectiveness. Transfer impedance from cable shield to frame is also measured up to 30MHz.

More application areas than you think

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Superior sealing solutions

Roxtec seals help you ensure safety, quality and lower total cost of ownership.


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