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Fire protection seals for the rolling stock industry

Perfect for metros, locomotives and electric buses.

Fire protection seals for the rolling stock industry

Do you want to secure safe transportation of people and goods and avoid the risk of damage or downtime? Use Roxtec seals as standard solution for cables, hydraulic pipes and plastic conduits.

Roxtec has a long history of solving problems in the rolling stock industry. We know what it takes to seal off around cables and pipes in fire rated barriers throughout the vehicle structure, and have developed penetration seals that fulfill the highest fire resistance requirements and cover the highest hazard levels. We understand the global presence of the rolling stock market, and we support our customers and their partners in design, manufacturing and modernization across continents and geographies. 

Flexibility in design

With local design centers and frame manufacturing in key markets, we can ensure timely deliveries. We also recognize the difference in design principle, and offer solutions in aluminum and stainless steel for both bolted and welded installations. 

Our compact products are both light-weight and space efficient, which help our customers reduce weight of the train set and offer excellent installation ergonomics. Openable frames simplify retrofit and modernization as cables can stay put.

Testing at Roxtec - Fire resistance test

Tested to meet fire protection demands

We have our own fire laboratory and work with skilled partners to make sure you get nothing but engineered solutions that meet the protection requirements set by the industry. Our seals pass tests both in our own test labs and at independent institutes to prove their performance over time. You can rely on our seals as vehicle fire barrier with up to 60 minutes of fire break-through performance. 

Tests against flammability, smoke density and toxicity in accordance with the rolling stock standards EN 45545-2, and on request NFPA 130, confirm that our seals meet the toughest requirements. Our seals meet the most stringent HL3 requirement, which make them fit for all of the operation and design categories across the rolling stock market. We provide sealing solutions for fire performance E15 to E60 with aluminum or steel frames according to EN 45545-3.

We also perform air-shock and vibration tests as well as ingress protection tests to be able to combine the fire rating with high IP and UL/NEMA ratings. All our welded frames can be  manufactured according to the EN 15085 quality control and inspection standard.

Use this guide to select the right Roxtec seals that correspond to your needs when it comes to preventing fire and smoke from spreading on railroad vehicles or electric buses.

Sealing solutions for cables, pipes and conduits

Optimizing the design

Our range of seals for rolling stock serve the needs of any railroad vehicle or electrical bus. They withstand multiple threats such as fire, smoke, water, air-shock and vibration, and provide excellent cable retention. However, there are many cramped spaces in the vehicle structure, and our standard seals may not always fit. Our smart modular and openable CF 24 concept allows for easy adaptation of the frame, to fit virtually any space and cable count. The actual package space can be used to its full potential as there is no wedge needed to compress the system. 

Once the cable schedule is determined, you can use kit solutions for lean manufacturing and fast installation. With Roxtec Transit Designer™, you can explore the various sealing solutions on your own, and find the alternative that works best for your application. This approach speeds up the process from conceptual idea to final design. Our engineers can also support your project and guide you to the solution that fits your needs the best. 

The Roxtec system is resistant to


Tested according to all major standards. Prevent smoke from spreading.


Protect against vibration, air-shock and the risk of explosion.


Take control of dust, dirt, chemicals and fumigants.


Ensure tightness against air and gas pressure.

Electrical danger

Protect against EMI, EMP and lightning strikes effects.


Water and humidity protection.


Keep rodents, snakes and insects out.

Space efficient sealing solutions

Roxtec fire protection seals are quick, safe and easy to install and inspect even in limited spaces. Cable glands, connectors and compounds are all frequent sealing concepts in the industry, but Roxtec multi-cable transits are outstanding whenever you need to retrofit and add new equipment. Roxtec seals require less space and have no signal loss in comparison with connectors. You can eliminate the need for soldering of connector pins on each side of a penetration, which is a potential point of failure. When connectors are required, they are easy to pass through the transit frame before fitting the modules. 

Cable retention for safe long-term operation

Cables passed along the bogie are exposed to constant vibrations and movements. Without proper clamping cables can get loose, or become damaged. Many industry solutions do not offer sufficient cable retention and are harsh to the cable sheath, which over time may result in wear and lead to electrical failure. 

Effective bonding of armored cables

For the power components around the vehicle undercarriage, the Roxtec BG™ (bonding and grounding) solution with its integrated conductive braid provides an effective way to secure grounding of the high-voltage cables running in and out of the inverter, battery box and other power components.

Roxtec BG™ modules have extremely low impedance between the cable shield and the body structure, with high protection against conducted interferences. Tests have proven that the modules have an efficiency of 99.4% in leading off fault currents. Roxtec BG™ transits have been tested by several authorities regarding withstand for short circuit failures and current surges simulating lightning strikes. In addition, the braid creates a “honeycomb filter” in the frame opening which shields against field-bound disturbances up to 100 MHz.

Read more about Roxtec BG™ and Roxtec EMC solutions for bonding, grounding and electrical safety.

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