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Short circuit grounding test

Verifying the current-carrying capacity.

Short circuit grounding test

Grounding is a must to ensure electrical safety and avoid electrical shocks. A lightning strike or short circuit current can cause personal damage, destroy electronics and shut down operations.

Roxtec BG™ (bonding and grounding) transits connect metal-clad, armored and shielded cables to earth through a heavy-duty braid in the sealing modules. They are designed for use in hazardous locations and to protect against effects of lightning strikes and surge currents. The capacity of the braid is tested by Roxtec engineers and external test houses.

Testing at Roxtec - Short circuit grounding

The test equipment at the Roxtec test lab in Karlskrona, Sweden, is used to verify the ability of the Roxtec bonding and grounding system to withstand any fault current that may occur. Roxtec seals are developed to withstand extremely powerful and repeated fault currents.

Advanced test equipment

The test equipment is on one terminal connected to the Roxtec frame and on the other to the long-lasting copper tube that is used instead of an armored cable. The equipment, which is capable of generating currents up to 10kA, passes the current through the Roxtec BG™ system. The current is monitored throughout the test to make sure there are no breaks.

Verified performance

Afterwards, the transit is opened and the braid in the sealing module is verified to make sure it is fully intact and that it covers the required current-carrying capacity. Roxtec cable and pipe transits are tested to many different standards, requirements and applications.

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