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Water ingress protection test

Water ingress protection test

Roxtec cable and pipe transits are watertight to ensure electrical safety and operational reliability. The tightness is thoroughly tested by Roxtec test and certificates engineers.

Testing at Roxtec - Water ingress protection

At the Roxtec test lab, there is equipment for efficient testing of water- as well as gas-tightness. For each test, the test and certificates engineers use the right materials in order to copy a real situation because the testing is an important step towards a certified solution.

IP ratings

The IP Code – or the Ingress Protection rating – states protection against solid objects, like dust, and liquids, like water. The first IP digit represents protection against ingress of solid foreign objects; the second against harmful ingress of water. At the Roxtec lab, tests are only made for water, not dust. Roxtec transits can be tested to specific IP ratings and for specific projects and applications.


Powerful waterjet

In the splash and jet nozzle test, water is splashed onto a cable entry installation. This type of all-weather protection barrier is often required in cabinets and telecom shelters. The flow-rate during the test can be from just spraying up to a waterjet of 100 liters per minute.
Test vessels with seals can also be submerged into an immersion water tank for testing IPx7.

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