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Secure your nuclear power project

Benefit from our sealing expertise when designing nuclear power plants and SMRs.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals provide tested and verified protection against concurrent and consequential hazards to ensure safe long-term operation of nuclear power plants and new nuclear projects, such as SMRs. Use our sealing solutions to maintain safety when one event causes another and the threats accumulate. Use them also to limit the effect and severity of occurring external and internal hazards.

By standardizing with our modular-based seals in walls, floors, and cabinets, you add flexibility and scalability to your project. Roxtec seals allow for changes, provide spare capacity for expansion and are perfect for construction sites as well as for serial and modular production of small modular reactors.

Secure your nuclear power project with Roxtec seals

Efficient multi-hazard protection

A nuclear power plant can face multiple hazards simultaneously. An earthquake can be followed by extreme weather, fire, and flooding. Redundancy and diversification safety systems can only be maintained if hazards are prevented from spreading by barriers and separation systems. The goal of the defense in depth principle is to ensure that even if one or more barriers fail, there are reliable additional layers of protection. Roxtec mechanical seals are tested for everything from seismic events, effects of lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference to fire, gas, and flooding. They offer great fill ratio and immediate performance. You handle high cable density directly – without any need for drying or curing.

Discover Roxtec sealing solutions for nuclear power projects


Successful sequential testing

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are passive protection systems designed to protect against multiple concurrent and consequential hazards, internal and external as well as human induced and natural. We have performed sequential tests exposing our products to a series of hazards, in line with requirements set after the Fukushima accident. The material was exposed to irradiation and a process of ageing, and then the sealing modules were installed in frames and successfully tested for seismic events, gas, water, and fire.

Read more about protection against different hazards below or in the section Certified protection.

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