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Cable and pipe seals for battery plants

Secure dry, clean, and safe operations.

Do you contribute to the urgent green energy transition by designing battery cell plants? As sealing experts, we can help you ensure passive protection against lithium-ion battery manufacturing hazards such as thermal runaway, fire, and the risk of explosion. With our airtight cable and pipe seals, you can easily achieve an ultra-low humidity environment and save on energy for dehumidifiers.

We have an extensive track record within the power industry and have secured many pressurized dry zones and cleanrooms in giant factories within semi-conductors, in state-of-the art biosafety labs and in pharmaceutical production plants. You can use Roxtec cable and pipe penetration seals to protect dry rooms, cleanrooms, anhydrous rooms, and other contamination-controlled areas as well as the entire battery cell factory, regardless of if you are focusing on EV (electric vehicle) batteries or battery manufacturing for ESS (energy storage systems). Thanks to our global presence, we can assist you in battery plant projects of any size all over the world.  

Roxtec modular seals are perfect for any kind of dry room, from small-scale research facilities and pilot plants for scaling up production through to giga-factories for large-scale battery manufacturing. 

Proven performance for safety and airtightness

The Roxtec sealing system provides protection against the risk of thermal runaway upon charging which must be considered when manufacturing li-ion batteries. It protects against fire and the risk of explosion due to chemical reactions with lithium compounds while being airtight, dust-tight, and moisture tight to ensure a dry, clean, and neat battery manufacturing environment. Securing airtightness is a smart way to control humidity, airflow, pressure, and to manage risk as well as costs for drying. With Roxtec cable and pipe seals, you can combine reliable accident prevention with great energy efficiency performance.

Protecting against multiple risks



Moisture tight and airtight

Moisture tight and airtight



Sealing solutions for quick and easy standardization

Roxtec adaptable sealing modules are inserted around cables, pipes, or conduits of different sizes in frames that are cast, welded or bolted to the structure. The frames are available for any type of structure and in different materials, such as powder-coated or stainless steel with a clean surface finish. You can, for example, use the seals for data cables, power cables and pipes for sprinklers as well as for pipes and ducts for ventilation. The system is sealed with a separate or integrated compression unit. There are Roxtec sealing solutions for applications in walls, sandwich panels, floors, ceilings, cabinets, and equipment as well as for underground use, so you can handle everything from the building envelope and substations to interior fire walls and fire cells. The seals are also available in versions for hazardous locations and bonding and grounding applications.


Prepare for upgrading your battery cell factory

Roxtec seals are easy to design and quick to install, and their flexibility brings additional advantages over time. You can open them to benefit from the built-in spare capacity for easy upgrades and adapt them to new cables, pipes, and conduits of different sizes. This is excellent if there are late design changes. Whenever you need to perform retrofit work, you can install the seals around existing cables and pipes. You get a uniform construction quality and familiar penetrations that are easy to inspect and maintain. It is easy to plan and design with the free Roxtec Transit Designer™


Manage high cable density

You can always specify Roxtec seals as a standard cable entry solution for equipment, cabinets, junction boxes and enclosures. The seals ensure long-term performance while helping you handle high cable density areas. The seals consist of very few components, and they require less work and a smaller footprint than traditional cable glands since you can seal dozens of cables in the same opening. The seals can be used with power and control cables, process pipes and in installations for ventilation.


We can assist you throughout your battery plant project

Feel free to contact us if you need sealing support in any phase of the design, construction, or operation of your battery plant. We are always ready to share our experience and expertise to help secure safety.

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