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Securing hazardous biogas production worldwide

Securing hazardous biogas production worldwide
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Roxtec continues to contribute to the urgent energy transition and decarbonization. Our sealing solutions are used to secure important biogas production facilities in Americas, Europe, and Asia.

As a renewable energy source, mainly produced from agricultural residues, food waste and other organic materials, biogas presents a way to manage waste and depend less on fossil fuels. Several countries promote biogas production as well as the upgrading to clean, but explosive biomethane gas. Therefore, the upgrading process requires high-quality gas-tight sealing systems that are approved for use in Ex e environments. Roxtec has the experience and knowhow to provide cable and pipe penetration seals that meet all requirements, and that also cover applications in everything from digesters and purification plants through to control rooms and stations for injection to the grid. In addition, Roxtec has the global and local presence to support producers in leading biogas and biomethane markets, such as Brazil, USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, India, and China.

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Our seals protect small, medium-sized, and large biogas facilities. The flexibility of our multi-cable and pipe sealing system, and the possibility to include spare capacity for future cables, make it perfect for containers and shelters as well as for serial production, safe transportation, and scalable expansion projects,” says Carlos Lazo, Global Segment Manager, Power & Process Industries, Roxtec.

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Carlos Lazo, Global Segment Manager

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