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  2. Sealing a substation, USA

Sealing a substation in rural Wyoming, USA

A power provider in Wyoming tried foam and steel wool to prevent mice from entering a substation. But all their efforts were in vain – the rodents even used the foam as construction material when building their nests...

The solution was to replace the foam and steel wool around the 6-inch conduits with weather-tight and rodent-proof Roxtec transits. There was an average of ten cables in each conduit entering the control building.

Efficient retrofit

As the site had to be operational during the installation of the sealing system, the power provider selected the Roxtec B frames with adaptable sealing modules and compression units. The transits provided flexibility for installation around existing conduits from the cable trench so that the site could remain live and functional throughout the retrofit work. In addition to protecting the facility against rodents, the Roxtec system also provided an increased level of protection against rain, snow and harsh mountain conditions.

Peace of mind

The power provider was also able to enter spare modules into the frames in order to ensure capacity for changes and additional conduits in the future. The users really appreciate the fact that Roxtec solutions ensure protection and peace of mind while requiring very little maintenance.

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