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3D CAD libraries

Optimize your design workflow.

Roxtec seals available in your software

Design engineers and project owners must be able to consider and design cable, pipe and conduit transits at an early stage of a project. It helps you save time, deliver top quality and ensure safety. Therefore, we continuously develop our technical documentation, CAD models, 3D CAD libraries and BIM objects, and make them easily accessible in an ever-increasing number of different design and construction software. Welcome to explore integrations and product libraries where you find our sealing solutions.

Multiple benefits

Time savings in the engineering process

Make correct hole-cuts already from the start.

Familiar user interface

Access cable and pipe seals in your preferred design software.

Connected product information

Access to specific information and documentation.

Flexible transit selection when routing cables and pipes

Pick and place solutions directly into a project.

Space allocation

Increase area efficiency and detect clash risk.

Detailed output

Simplify for owners, contractors and sub-contractors.

Make every opening engineering-based

To prevent fire, water ingress, rodents and several other hazards from damaging your assets, it is important to include entries for cables and pipes in the early design. There are standards for how to specify an opening, and the apertures should always be engineering-based. Hole-cuts for cables and pipes are, however, not always taken into consideration during the design phase. They often become field-based decisions – and are followed by re-work, delays, and increased cost. Make the cable and pipe transits engineering-based by using digital design tools and our CAD files and BIM objects. 

Easy access to STP and DXF files

You can find and download design resources in the form of STP and DXF files for each Roxtec product in the website section System components.

You can also find Roxtec CAD files and BIM objects here: