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Roxtec cable and pipe seals in FORAN CAD system

Download 3D CAD library and simplify your design work.

Roxtec cable and pipe seals in FORAN CAD system

To simplify your cable and pipe transit design work, we offer a 3D CAD library for the ship design software system, FORAN.

With the Roxtec 3D CAD library, you can select and integrate Roxtec sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations in your designs without leaving the FORAN user interface.

Unlike an ordinary 3D model, the Roxtec 3D CAD library contains additional information such as article numbers, and increases the level of detail in outputs such as Bill of Materials.

The current 3D CAD library is valid for importing a predefined selection of transits into any ship project, as long as it is made in either V80R3.0 or V80R4.0 FORAN version and release.

The set of files consists of:

  • Geometric macro files (for cable and pipe transits separately)
  • Data files (standards involved)
  • Instructions (written and video media)

Download CAD library

Download 3D CAD library and guidelines.

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