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Seals for speed, safety and simplicity

Seals for speed, safety and simplicity

KHS is one of the leading international developers and manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and food industries. During more than 15 years of using Roxtec sealing products, KHS has not yet seen an enclosure seal fail.

At the site in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, KHS has successfully replaced many pneumatic fittings, cable glands and cord grips with just a few Roxtec seals.

The reason is that it is faster, easier and more cost-efficient to seal multiple pre-terminated cables in few openings than cutting off all those connectors and making many holes. Thanks to Roxtec, KHS can route a large number of cables and avoid cutting them, which helps eliminate a frequent risk of error.

Beneficial over time

KHS has experienced both instant and long-term safety benefits from the sealing system. The stainless steel faceplate of the Roxtec CF 16 AISI 304, for example, allows KHS to maintain the high sanitary requirements of the process system.

Protecting performance

The ease of installation promotes quick finalization of field terminations and minimizes the risk of failure. And of course, the sealing solutions efficiently protect equipment for years to come.

Smart standardization

In fact, KHS has not had any problem at all since they decided to start using the Roxtec cable sealing system. They now use the area efficient seals as their standard solution.

We are confident in Roxtec solutions.
Rick Fueling, KHS

Why use Roxtec?

  • Reliable protection
  • Quick and safe installation
  • Neat and area efficient seals
  • Ability to handle pre-terminated cables
  • Spare capacity for upgrades

Project facts

Project description

Manufacture of fillers for the beverage industry

Owner, design and engineering



Cable entries in main control panel, control cabinets and pneumatics

Sealing requirements

NEMA 4, IP 66/67, splash/hose directed water protection and caustic solutions.