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How to save engineering time in industrial mega-projects

Use a free transit design tool to simplify an automated process.

How to save engineering time in industrial mega-projects

Who does not want to save engineering hours and minimize complexity in large-scale oil, gas or chemical projects? Lead engineers from major EPC companies are now successfully taking advantage of an online design tool for cable and pipe sealing solutions. The tool is easily used with any major master CAD system, and it minimizes risk while cutting manhours.

The design tool enables significant savings. There are examples of engineers saving weeks and months thanks to the ability to import and validate thousands of transits simultaneously.   

Meet the requirements for speed and safety

The tool makes it easy to match both the owner’s and the contractors’ requests regarding size and location of openings for routing of cables and pipes. It is easy to update and generate drawings for thousands of cable and pipe transits and securely validate the design to help the builders keeping up the pace.  

The optimized product selection feature minimizes the risk of error. It must be crucial for anyone working with safety to be able to quickly and accurately respond to the owner's demand regarding validation of the transits.  

Benefit from flexibility based on simplicity

Engineers know this scenario too well: the cable schedule changes repeatedly and requires precise dimensioning of openings in walls and floors – without any facts on cables, pipes or equipment. This might happen also in a high cable density area. At that moment, nobody wants to continue guessing.

The transit design tool, however, is developed to help engineers handle late changes. It works as a bridge between owners and partners providing construction services and equipment. It is very useful if there is a need for updating many drawings at the same time due to a late design change which includes additional cables or pipes.

Discover a new way of working in partnership

Smart engineers use the tool to import a cable list, design and then export a list of all the right seals, certificates and sizes for the wall and floor applications, including spare capacity for future needs. 

It is also valuable for them to have a team of experienced sealing experts by their side. They can share information and documents online along the project, from the front-end engineering design and the detailed design phase through to the installation training onsite. This new way of thinking relies on the engineer’s schematic transit frame placement. It reaches the next level of exactness thanks to the seamless collaboration and the design tool developed by world leaders in cable and pipe sealing.   

Explore the free transit design tool