How to manage high cable density

Webinar on sealing multiple cables entering buildings, cabinets and enclosures.

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How to manage high cable density

We present a webinar on certified protection and space saving sealing of multiple cables entering electrical buildings and field enclosures.

Learn how to ensure fire, gas and water protection

Electrical buildings and process automation cabinets in oil, gas and chemical mega-projects often require a wide varety of cables and more cables than any other buildings and cabinets. It is important to understand the impact of structural ingress, act with anticipation and never leave cable routing and sealing decisions to the field. Nobody wants to run out of space and drill for cable glands in hazardous locations.

Therefore, it is crucial to select and design in sealing solutions for use in challenging high cable density areas at an early stage to ensure protection according to requirements. Take this opportunity to learn how to optimize cable management and secure your site.

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The webinar will help you:

Face the facts

Understand the impact when cable management decisions are left to the field.

Gain knowledge

Get insight into available solutions for cable management.

Change the process

Learn how to change the process of designing solutions to manage high cable density.

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