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  2. Webinar on safety seals for battery storage projects

Webinar on safety seals for battery energy storage projects

Webinar on safety seals for battery energy storage projects

Do you want to learn more on how to prevent and mitigate hazards when working with utility scale battery energy storage – and how to ensure maximum uptime and efficient operation?

Join our webinar on January 26
8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time / 5:00 PM Central European Time

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In this webinar, we will explore the considerations you should make and highlight specific solutions offering best fit to your design. We focus on both prevention and mitigation measures that will ensure what you deliver.

At Roxtec, we have extensive experience in working with emerging technologies. Our seals provide protection against fire, gas, water, dust, rodents, blast load, and the risk of explosion. They also help you ensure efficient bonding and grounding. Our seals are globally certified, and we hold certificates and approvals from leading bodies, which is important when you design and build modular units in one country and ship to another market.

Roxtec is working with several leading technology providers in the battery energy storage sector providing unique solutions for cable and pipe sealing.

In the webinar, you will learn more on:

Design efficiency

Learn how to design and specify seals for your needs and requirements.

Installation types

Learn how requirements may differ depending on location and what additional considerations you should make.

Operational reliability

Learn how Roxtec seals can prevent causal events whilst mitigating the worst if it happens.

Sharing knowledge with you

Meet sealing specialists Gavin Cornall, Global Segment Manager Power, Rene Salvaleon, Regional Sales Manager, and moderator Linda Stenborg, Business Area Marketing Manager, of Roxtec. They will talk about common risks and hazards and present efficient solutions.

Rene Salvaleon

Rene Salvaleon

Regional Sales Manager

 Gavin Cornall

Gavin Cornall

Global Segment Manager Power

Linda Stenborg

Linda Stenborg

Business Area Marketing Manager

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