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Cable and pipe seals for ports

Prevent water ingress and rodents.

Cable and pipe seals for ports

Use Roxtec seals as standard solution when designing, maintaining and retrofitting ports. You can secure electrical equipment, control cabinets and the entire power supply system from fire, flooding, humidity, gas and rodents, and thereby avoid corrosion, outages, partial discharge activity and costly downtime. It is easy to install Roxtec seals to maintain integrity in everything from shipyard crane enclosures to substations and high-voltage, UPS and transformer rooms.

You can also benefit from using them in duct banks, manholes, draw pits and other underground applications. Our seals are appreciated by maintenance teams for providing reliable solutions for safe operation – and for smooth retrofits. The seals adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes and offer built-in spare capacity to simplify upgrades.

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