“How to protect against concurrent and consequential hazards”

Read the introduction of the technical paper on sealing solutions for nuclear power projects by Senior Test and Certificates Engineer John Hallström and Global Segment Manager Gavin Cornall of Roxtec.

Securing cable and pipe penetrations in line with IAEA safety guides

Nuclear power has the potential to provide a safe and sustainable source of energy when all safety protocols and regulations are followed. The importance of internal and external hazard protection in nuclear facilities, particularly in terms of barriers and separation, cannot be overstated. Protective measures are essential for ensuring the safety and integrity of nuclear power plants and small modular reactors, SMRs.

Nuclear facilities can face multiple hazards simultaneously. For example, an earthquake can be followed by extreme weather, fire, and flooding. Robust barriers and separation systems must address these challenges, be designed to prevent accidents, protect health and safety of the public, limit environmental impact, and ensure the long-term viability of nuclear energy.

This paper presents a way of securing cable and pipe penetrations in line with two IAEA Specific Safety Guides, SSG-64 and SSG-68. Our conclusion is a recommendation to standardize with Roxtec cable and pipe seals in separation barriers, walls, floors, and cabinets throughout any nuclear facility.


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