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Roxtec – global sealing expert

Perfect match for mega projects.

Roxtec – global sealing expert


Why is Roxtec increasingly being selected in huge oil, gas and petrochemical projects such as Yamal LNG in Russia and RAPID in Malaysia? Because the sealing expert is an active partner from the early Pre-FEED stage through to commissioning.

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Roxtec global sealing expert in mega projects

Roxtec is a market-leading global supplier of cable and pipe entry seals with a strong local presence. With subsidiaries all over the world, Roxtec regularly forms international teams of colleagues from multiple parts of the world to assist owners and engineering companies as well as operators and contractors involved in complex multi-billion dollar projects. Roxtec representatives often work simultaneously with customers in more than a dozen countries to cover a large number of engineering packages and OEM integrations.

"We know what global firms require," says international sales manager Carlos Lazo. "We are available to support them with everything from pre-design and uniform specifications to smart logistics, installation trainings and onsite project support."

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Extensive support

It is wise to specify one approved transit system. Roxtec's flexible sealing solutions are certified for both hazardous and non-hazardous locations and cover buildings, equipment and enclosures. As a full solution provider, Roxtec is ready to go the extra mile to support its partners and customers, whether they work as designers, system integrators or installers.

The online engineering tool, Roxtec Transit Designer™, plays an important role:
"By using our free online design tool, the engineering companies save a lot of time for design and are also able to share drawings with colleagues and customers wherever they are localized. We focus on coordination and communication to be able to synchronize all efforts in a cost-efficient manner," says Carlos Lazo.

Personal contact

Roxtec provides installation training for local contractors to ensure correct installations according to design specifications. An on-time delivery of Roxtec solutions is never the end of a project; it is the beginning of the follow-up. It happens frequently that reality does not match drawings. By being onsite and by offering support, Roxtec helps customers handle late design changes easily. 

"We provide safety seals for cable and pipe entries, and we believe in safety throughout the chain," says Leo Konradsson, global segment manager for power and process industries.

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