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Designed to eliminate welding

Roxtec SLA sealing solution with adaption sleeves.

Designed to eliminate welding

The ongoing modernization and digitalization onboard ships, vessels and offshore units require smart solutions for retrofit and upgrades – such as this new non-weld solution.

In order to help the marine and offshore industry players handle the demands of the fast development, for example when it comes to efficient installation of new communication systems, we present the Roxtec SLA sealing solution.

The Roxtec SLA solution includes well-proven Roxtec R transits or RS seals with newly developed adaption sleeves. It simplifies the addition of cables late in a project and enables upgrades and repair work without welding.

Easy installation

You simply drill a hole in the structure using a hole saw. The sleeve is threaded, attached with a counter nut and designed to fit in standard hole saw openings.

  • Eliminate welding
  • Minimize hole cutting
  • Reduce fixation work

Certified protection

  • A-Class division fire rating
  • 2.5 bar water-tightness


Read more about the Roxtec SLA sealing solution.

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