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Minimizing the penetration footprint

Minimizing the penetration footprint

Roxtec seals protect the CyrusOne Data Center in Aurora, Illinois, USA, from water ingress

Data centers require safely sealed and easily maintained exterior wall conduit penetrations. All partners involved in the construction of the facility had tried caulk and other traditional seals, but were looking for something better. Corgan, the architect and designer for CyrusOne, recommended Roxtec transits. Contractors Clune Construction and Kelso-Burnett worked with Roxtec on the final design and implementation.

Need for area efficiency

An exterior route for eight rigid 3-inch conduits connecting existing infrastructure to the expansion space was the only path available. The challenge was to reduce the footprint of the penetrations in a new precast concrete exterior wall while providing a watertight and maintainable seal. The decision to use Roxtec GH FL100 transits turned out to be perfect.

Quick design support

Roxtec provided a tailor-made solution allowing a single rectangular block-out in the wall. "Information was needed very quickly and Roxtec was extremely responsive to requests from architect Corgan and Clune Construction," says Juan Vasquez, senior construction manager at CyrusOne.

Prepared for the future

The installation required less man-hours than other seals and resulted in savings on labor. The transits significantly reduced the overall footprint of the penetrations. The openings are still accessible for upgrades, and each conduit can be worked on individually. The installed transit is maintenance-free and can thereby reduce any potential future cost or time spent.

Roxtec was extremely responsive to requests from the architect and contractors.
Juan Vasquez, CyrusOne

 Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Area efficient
  • Quick to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Customized solutions

Project facts

Project description

Construction of data center in Aurora, Illinois, USA

Involved companies

CyrusOne – owner, Corgan – architect, Clune Construction – general contractor, Kelso-Burnett – electrical contractor


Sealing of exterior wall conduit penetrations

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