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Fast and flexible sealing services

Fast and flexible sealing services

Lamprell Energy Ltd in the United Arab Emirates uses Roxtec multi-cable and pipe transits when building two Gusto MSC designed self-elevating jack-up vessels for transport and installation of wind turbines in the North Sea.

"We propose Roxtec to our clients and prefer to have Roxtec included in their specifications and vendor list," says Sivan Kutty, Deputy Engineering Manager of Lamprell.

Roxtec transits are easy to use, adaptable to cables of different sizes and offer spare capacity for upgrades. The seals have all ratings and certifications needed and are used all over the ship, from the engine room to the cooling equipment on upper deck. Chalmers Engineering, which delivers the living quarters, is also using Roxtec transits.

Excellent design help

Designers, engineers and purchasers appreciate the local support and quick deliveries provided by Roxtec. The shipyard also benefits from the installation training provided by Roxtec as well as the design services.

"Roxtec is user-friendly," states Senior Electrical and Instrumentation Designer Prasad Vijayan. "We just send a list of cables and openings to Roxtec and get designed drawings and a list of materials in return."

Counting every hour

The ship is booked from day one, so work goes on nonstop in the yard. The procurement department of Lamprell wants to be able to place small orders and receive deliveries from the Roxtec stock in Dubai within 24 hours.

"We get quick answers and deliveries according to site requirements," says Senior Buyer Ashley Nazareth. "This is one of our biggest offshore projects ever, and the local Roxtec support is a great advantage to us."

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Design services
  • Quick support
  • Smooth logistics
  • Flexible for any cable or pipe

Project facts

Project description

New-build of self-elevating offshore wind turbine installation jack-up vessels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Fred. Olsen Windcarrier

Design and engineering

Gusto MSC

Main contractor, installations

Lamprell Energy

Subcontractor, installations

Chalmers Engineering


Sealing of cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes in deck and bulkhead penetrations

Sealing requirements

IP 66/67, fire-proof according to A-60 marine fire rating and watertight according to marine classification