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Roxtec provides reliable seals for Sinopharm P3 Biosafety Facility to support vaccine development in China

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In China’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the new built Covid-19 inactivated vaccine production plant is already put into mass production. China National Biotec Group (CNBG) claims that this high-level biosafety production facility is currently the world's first, and the largest production plant for Covid-19 inactivated vaccines. During the construction, the Beijing Institute of Biological Products affiliated to CNBG, Sinopharm, attached great importance to the construction of the plant, upholding the safety-first principle throughout the design, construction and use process, and strictly following the biosafety level 3 (P3) protection standard for construction and management maintenance. The Roxtec sealing system is specified as the standard solution for cable and pipe penetrations in the vaccine manufacturing plants to ensure that the sealing requirements of P3 level biosafety facilities are met, providing reliable safety for the mass production of coronavirus vaccines.

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Gas-tightness is a must for safety

Due to the airborne nature of the coronavirus, the production of the vaccine has high safety requirements and needs to be carried out in a high-level biosafety plant. While eliminating the risk of leakage of highly pathogenic microorganisms, every step needs to be taken with extreme caution and without a trace of negligence. The entire interior of the production plant is completely sealed and under negative pressure so as to ensure that the gas does not leak. Carefully designed and well installed Roxtec RS and R solutions provide reliable protection for cable and pipe penetrations in critical areas of the vaccine plant, such as the mid-testing and waiting areas, as well as inactivation areas for virus preparation. After rigorous biosafety testing, Roxtec solutions are fully compliant with the stringent gas-tightness requirements for P3 biosafety facilities.

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High safety level for full protection

For safety reasons, cable and pipe penetration through a properly sealed space is required to prevent the spread of fire, gas, water, etc. via the openings. Roxtec sealing solutions are used in more than 80 markets worldwide, with more than 250 registered product certificates and more than 500 registered tests and approvals, fully meeting the high standards of electrical safety protection for high-level biosafety facilities. The sealing system enables efficient energy use while eliminating the risk of contamination and fumigants escaping. It is possible to enter and seal multiple cables or pipes in each opening without releasing dust or particles into the air, and even to reopen the transit later on to add cables or pipes.

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Flexible and easy for design and installation

Roxtec Multidiameter™ is an invention for flexibility based on sealing modules with removable layers. It makes the mechanical system adaptable to cables and pipes of various sizes in walls, panel ceilings, cabinets or equipment. Use Roxtec Transit Designer™, the free, online engineering tool to design hundreds of cable and pipe transits in just a few minutes. In this project, Roxtec engineers not only followed up on site throughout the project, but also provided online support to handle design changes in a timely manner, resulting in a very satisfactory installation.

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Fully supporting vaccine development

The development and production of coronavirus vaccine is a race against time. Beijing Institute of Biological Products completed the construction of the plant in just two months. This also required every supplier involved in the construction to be able to respond to the demand with high quality and efficiency. When receiving the task, Roxtec quickly set up a project team and worked continuously, from the design and procurement through to the installation and construction. All these phases are strictly controlled by professionals at all levels. Within a month, the Roxtec sealing solution successfully passed the onsite evaluation by biosafety experts and Roxtec was fully recognized by CNBG for its reliable sealing performance and comprehensive services.

In the future, with the normalization of epidemics, the public health care and biosecurity fields will be of great concern. Roxtec will continue to play its role in the resolution of the epidemic by providing first-class cable and pipe penetration sealing solutions.