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Roxtec seals in Dudgeon wind farm project

Roxtec seals in Dudgeon wind farm project
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Roxtec has secured a major contract to deliver safety seal solutions to a £1.5billion offshore wind farm project in the North Sea. Roxtec will deliver cable transit systems which are a key safety component to safeguard workers, structures and equipment on a substation platform being created as part of the Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm.

Photos from the Dudgeon wind farm project. Credit: Statoil.

The cable sealing systems will meet the long-term lifecycle of the 402MW wind farm whose turbines will provide power to 410,000 UK homes and which is set to be commissioned during 2017.

Roxtec's sealing solutions are used for different applications in wind projects, from control cabinets to generators and converters. They offer protection against fire, gas, water pressure and corrosion and provide cable retention.

"Specific safety solutions for the Dudgeon windfarm project include delivering A0/A60 bespoke seals for HV and MV applications on the substation platform," says Graham O'Hare, managing director of Roxtec UK. "We will seal array cables to MV switchgear and cables from MV switchgear to transformer input. Additional products will be used on the platform's cables linking its transformer to its Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and on export-to-shore cables."