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Awarded by US Navy

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Robert Fisher, Marine & Offshore Sales Engineer for Roxtec in the USA, did a great job working with the Chief Engineer on the USS Pinckney (DDG-91-US Navy Destroyer) to repair poorly managed cable penetrations. He was honored with a US Navy Challenge Coin for his safety work.

Robert Fisher boarded the ship on five separate occasions to review poor cable transit installations, recommend scope of work and inspect the repairs. When the work was done and he was preparing to leave ship, he was invited to meet the Chief’s boss. The Chief then presented Robert Fisher with the challenge coin for his work in getting the ship ready for their next mission. He is honored by the recognition – and proud that he is doing his part for keeping the sailors safe. 

Challenge coins have been used throughout military history to recognize people making a substantial sacrifice and effort to serve their country.

Attribution: U.S. Navy NewsStand Photo ID 040810-N-0000X-001