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“Cable and pipe transits are safety products”

Kind reminder from senior inspector Per Törnström of Roxtec.

“Cable and pipe transits are safety products”

He has conducted Roxtec transit inspections all over the world. Based on his vast experience, Per Törnström sends an important message to all owners and builders of marine and offshore units: “Cable and pipe seals are vital for the passive fire protection. If they are not correctly installed on new-builds or during retrofit, a fire can spread and water flood between compartments. Your assets are unnecessarily put at risk.”

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Per Törnström has taken on a major role in the Roxtec ambition to secure transit installation quality within the marine and offshore industries. He has seen too many poorly installed cable and pipe penetration seals over the years and is convinced about the importance of increasing awareness. 

“The attitude towards transits changes the very moment people realize that we talk about and check certified safety products. When I went to inspect a series of new drill ships I could only find 50 percent of the transit installations to be acceptable. When I came back to control the fourth drill ship, more than 90 percent were really good.”

Dozens of examples confirm that installation quality improves along with knowledge. Sometimes, the only thing needed is that someone takes actual ownership of checking the transits onboard.

Transits are as important as fire doors

According to Per Törnström, ship owners tend to think they have their cable and pipe penetrations under control. But after years of changes, maintenance work and upgrades, this is rarely the case. Forgetting to seal properly around cables or pipes after maintenance is like leaving a fire rated door wide open. Per Törnström recommends complete transit inspections on new-builds. And he urges owners of refitted fleets and offshore units to let Roxtec take a look at their cable and pipe transits.

Training also for supervisors

Roxtec provides installation training not only for installers but also for supervisors. Professionals at various levels can thereby learn how to install seals and also verify installation quality.  

“More and more ship owners only accept installations made by personnel trained by the original manufacturer.”


Roxtec performs hundreds of inspections per year. The need for better control is obvious and on some older vessels a large percentage of the installations have been found to be incorrect. 

“Roxtec transits are in fact very easy to install and reinstall. You just have to be committed to learning the correct steps."

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