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Approved service supplier

Roxtec Services meet classification society requirements.

New and updated sections of the unified requirements of IACS, the International Association of Classification Societies, relate to inspection of watertight cable transits. Since 2020, they include procedural requirements for approved service suppliers. At Roxtec, we provide safety inspection services for cable and pipe transits since many years, and Roxtec Services now hold certification as approved service supplier by several classification societies.

Being appointed approved service supplier is yet another step for us in our strive for improving safety onboard ships and offshore units all over the world. We strongly believe that increased safety awareness and an understanding of cable and pipe transits as integrated parts of a ship or unit during construction and in operation, will help limit accidents and protect people, equipment, and systems.

Roxtec is approved service supplier

We hold the following certificates:

Certificates for inspection services

The IACS unified requirements reflect an increased focus on installation quality and verification of watertight cable transits, and the added section in IACS UR Z17, rev.15, relates to companies engaged in cable transit inspections on ships and offshore units.

The added section states that a firm engaged in inspections of watertight cable transit seal systems must have a quality management system complying with the latest version of ISO 9001, and the personnel for the specified work shall be technically trained and qualified in actual inspection. Also, the service supplier must be able to issue a report confirming the condition of the cable transit seal system.

Experience in safety inspections

We have been performing safety inspections of cable and pipe transits for many years and with extensive experience and quality focus we have helped set new standards for safety at sea. Roxtec Services AB’s quality management system has been certified by DNV according to the standard ISO 9001:2015. The certificate is valid for “Sales and performance of inspection and testing of cable and pipe transit sealing systems and related services”.

View the ISO certificate here.