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Cable and pipe seals for airports

Prevent water ingress and rodents.

Cable and pipe seals for airports

Use Roxtec seals as standard solution when designing, outfitting and upgrading airports. You can secure electrical equipment, localizers and other parts of instrument landing systems from fire, flooding, humidity, rodents and EMI, electromagnetic interference. It is quick, easy and safe to install Roxtec seals in technical rooms, substations and control cabinets as well as in analyzer shelters, radar shelters and antennas.

The seals are ideal for ensuring EMC, electromagnetic compatibility, in sensitive areas as well as reliable cable retention in manholes, vaults, basements and other underground applications. They are appreciated among design engineers for being flexible, and among installation firms and maintenance teams for being easily adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. They even offer built-in spare capacity for additional cables and pipes which makes it easier to plan for and handle future needs.

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Are you interested in our sealing solutions? Do you want to be the best Roxtec user you can be? Would you like to discuss or challenge us with some extraordinary requirements? You are always welcome to contact us and talk to our sealing experts, design engineers and local representatives.

You can also discover our free online engineering tool Roxtec Transit Designer™ or Roxtec BIM objects. We also invite you to read success stories from demanding reference projects across the world, where owners, operators, design engineers and contractors have chosen Roxtec cable and pipe transits to ensure safe operations. 

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