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Safety seals for airports all over Europe

Safety seals for airports all over Europe

Airports and airfields require reliable cable and pipe seals. As a result, Roxtec transits are used at airports in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

Swedish air traffic authorities have approved Roxtec seals to meet the demands for fire resistance and EMC, as well as to be easy to adapt. The flexibility was a major reason for selecting Roxtec for the air traffic control centers (ATCC's).

"When we started to build the ATCC installations in Malmö and Stockholm we needed EMC seals," says Krister Persson at the authorities. "Since I liked the Roxtec system I made sure it was specified."

Fire protection in Munich

The requirements from Munich airport authorities included above all fire protection for the cabling to and from the fuel pipeline utility rooms. Flexible maintenance was also desired – and Roxtec was able to provide the answer.

Seals for lights at Schiphol

The Dutch authorities at Schiphol airport extended the airfield ground lighting. The concrete substations were going to be buried in the ground, and cables passing in and out of the concrete boxes needed to be properly sealed as the lighting system must always function. Roxtec seals were chosen. They are also easy to install and maintain, and openable whenever new cables are to be routed.

System sealing in Finland

In Finland, airports are using Roxtec seals for everything from handling cables for TWR COM to antenna feeders for radio and navigation shelters placed in the field. The choice of Roxtec seals was the result of several requirements, ranging from a good and reliable mechanical solution to the need for precision in installation.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Protection against fire and water
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flexibility for cables of different sizes
  • Spare capacity for future needs
  • EMC solutions for electrical safety

Download the pdf-version of the Airport, Europe case.

Project facts

Project description

Airports in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland


Cable routing through walls and floors, in substations, in rooms and from the outside environment as well as in glass fiber shelter field equipment

Sealing requirements

Firestop (1h), watertight and electrical shielding