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Roxtec BIM objects

Optimize your design workflow.

Use Roxtec BIM (building information modeling) objects in your construction projects.

BIM is becoming the standard in construction projects worldwide. Many countries have regulations in place and others are about to implement regulations. The regulations are expected to reduce construction costs and lift the quality control to a much higher level. 

Using Roxtec BIM objects gives architects, design engineers and other construction professionals the possibility to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and other assets in infrastructure. Benefit from early integration into projects with the right sealing products and proper numbers and sizes for openings. You also ensure the correct complete drawings, and easier re-use for your next project for all penetration seals for cables and conduits.

Download Roxtec BIM objects

Download the .rfa files for our recommended and most common product families to cover construction design for buildings in infrastructure, power and process industries.

You will receive an email for downloading zipped BIM objects for the following Roxtec products: 

  • Roxtec GH transits
  • Roxtec GH BG™ transit
  • Roxtec GH FL100 transit
  • Roxtec GH FL100 BG™ transit
  • Roxtec R transit
  • Roxtec RS seal
  • Roxtec H3 seal
  • Roxtec knock-out sleeve
  • Roxtec R UG™ transit
  • Roxtec RS UG™ seal
  • Roxtec H3 UG™ transit
  • Roxtec H3+1 UG™ seal

The zip file includes Autodesk Revit family files in release 2019. 

Download BIM objects

Enter your details and we will send you an email with link for downloading.

Seals for many industries  

Roxtec sealing solutions are used in a wide range of industries globally such as data centers, rail infrastructure, advanced facilities, and in the power and process industries. Learn more about how Roxtec provides protection in your industry, and discover what we can do for you!

Superior sealing solutions

Are you searching for a sealing solution for cables and pipes that meets your requirements? Roxtec seals help you ensure safety, quality and lower total cost of ownership in many application areas. Discover our products, innovative technologies and certificates. 

Roxtec Transit Designer™ 

We also invite you to sign up for our free online tool for cable and pipe transit design. Roxtec Transit Designer™ helps you select the right solution, save time and reduce risk. Filter by application, certificate and sealing requirements, and get outputs for exact specifications, ordering and installation details.

If you have feedback or questions regarding our BIM files, please send an email to bim@roxtec.com.