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Tailored cable seals for painting robots

Tailored cable seals for painting robots

Korean painting robot manufacturer Doolim-Yaskawa strives to ensure excellent performance over time. They specify custom-made sealing solutions from Roxtec.

Spraying paints on vehicle body steel plates are demanding tasks that require dust-proof and explosion-proof control technologies. Doolim-Yaskawa used to employ cable glands and compounds when designing and producing electrical panels. This time, however, the designers looked for a specialized cable sealing solution for a spray-based painting robot system that could cope with the demanding processes involved. They turned to Roxtec – and got tailored compact seals for high cable density almost overnight.

Convinced everybody

Roxtec seals are area efficient compared to cable glands, and design changes never cause any trouble as the sealing modules adapt to cables of different sizes. Roxtec was obviously a perfect fit, but people at Doolim-Yaskawa were initially worried about the selection of seals.

“They said it is a totally new product that we have never used before, and it also increased the initial cost. However, when people saw the installed products, they were all satisfied with Roxtec’s excellent quality and technology support,” says Bruce Kim, project manager at the technical division of the process engineering department of Doolim-Yaskawa. 

We are all satisfied with Roxtec’s excellent quality and technology support.
Bruce Kim, Doolim-Yaskawa

Simplifies maintenance

Doolim-Yaskawa’s painting robot systems are used by car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia. Besides a stable long-term cable sealing solution, the system needs a design for easy continuous maintenance. With Roxtec seals, users can perform the maintenance procedure without worrying about sealing performance. 

Why use Roxtec?

  • Space efficient design
  • Easy and simple maintenance
  • Specialized technology 
  • Great field support team
  • Customized sealing solutions

Project facts

Project description

Sealing solutions for painting robot company Doolim-Yaskawa in South Korea

Involved companies

Doolim-Yaskawa – owner, painting robot systems manufacturer

Hyundai and Kia – end-users of painting robot systems


Cable entries for painting robot automation system, including painting booth

Sealing requirements

Watertight, airtight, dust-proof, explosion-proof