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Sealing and shielding airports

Roxtec cable and pipe seals protect against multiple risks.

The diversity of Roxtec sealing solutions for cable, pipe and conduit entries is extremely beneficial when it comes to ensuring safe airport and airfield operations. The versatile multi-cable transit system can for example help you handle risks associated with climate change, such as effects of storms and flooding.

Roxtec seals can preferably be used as standard solution in air traffic control centers, technical rooms, substations, and control cabinets as well as in analyzer, radar and communication shelters and antennas. The seals adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes and provide spare capacity which makes it easy to plan for upgrades and expansion. You can secure equipment, localizers, and other parts of ILS, instrument landing systems, as well as solar systems and EV charging from several risks.

Explore our sealing solutions for various applications at airports.