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Fire protection of plastic conduits

New Roxtec sealing modules for rolling stock.

We are happy to present the new and flexible Roxtec RM PPS sealing modules. They are especially developed to ensure fire protection for flexible plastic conduit penetrations in the rolling stock industry.

Product introduction Roxtec RM PPS

Roxtec RM PPS modules adapt to flexible plastic conduit systems of many sizes. They contain intumescent material which expands to many times its original size to protect conduit applications in case of fire.

Use the new RM PPS modules to ensure fire protection, watertightness, and dust-tightness as well as proven cable retention and vibration resistance. You can benefit from using the sealing modules in four different versions of Roxtec frames depending on the application and your specific needs and requirements. You can even fill the frames with a mix of RM PPS and regular RM modules to seal both cables and conduits.     

Roxtec RM PPS animation

Discover the sealing modules and the Roxtec frames that you can select to secure your penetrations.

Combinations and ratings

Combine plastic conduits and cables

You can mix RM PPS sealing modules with regular RM modules if you want to be able to route and safely seal both plastic conduits and cables in the same opening in the floor or wall.

Ratings for all complete transits

IP 66/67, E60 and HL3 ratings according to IEC 60529 and EN 45545.

For use with the following transit frames

Roxtec GH, Roxtec S, Roxtec SF, Roxtec SK