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Passive fire protection system

Fire-proof cable and pipe penetration seals.

Passive fire protection system

Roxtec cable and pipe entry seals provide certified protection against multiple hazards – including smoke and fire. The fire-resistant penetration sealing system secures an efficient fire barrier. It is tested and approved by certifying authorities all over the world to ensure passive fire protection.

Do you fear a fire onboard a vessel or a train, in a building or in critical infrastructure? You can use the Roxtec sealing system for all types of penetrating cables, steel pipes and plastic pipes passing through decks, bulkheads, walls or floors, or entering cabinets, enclosures or equipment. Fire safety and firestopping is crucial in any sector, and it is important to have fire protection measures in place to protect life and assets. Here is why Roxtec is a leading provider of passive fire protection systems.

What is passive fire protection?

Passive fire protection is an efficient way to prevent a fire from spreading. Passive fire protection systems are made of fire-resistant materials and aim to contain a fire in a specific area, limiting the damage and providing time for evacuation. A Roxtec sealing solution can prevent multiple risk factors and is known to be “more than a firestop”, and it is true that the cable and pipe transits are perfectly suited for passive fire protection and the process of safely sealing gaps and openings to prevent the spread of fire. The great thing about the Roxtec range is that you can select the passive fire protection solutions that will correspond perfectly to your needs, with fire ratings from E15 to EI240 and A0 to A60 or more.

Passive fire protection of electrical cable penetrations

Electrical cables are a common source of fire. If the cable penetrations are not properly protected, the fire can spread to the next compartment and throughout your asset. Therefore, it is important to establish passive fire protection by using fire-resistant materials to limit the spread of fire. Roxtec offers passive fire protection and fire-resistant sealing systems for electrical cable penetrations.

Protection system with reliable reaction to fire

It is recommended to verify that seals used for passive fire protection are of high quality also when it comes to reaction to fire to make sure the materials do not contribute to flammability or combustibility. Roxtec seals with steel frames are tested with the SBI method and have the rating B-s1, d0 according to classification standard EN 13501-1. B represents “no flashover” and confirms the safest fire behavior possible for a combustible material. They do not ignite, neither do they cause smoke nor flaming droplets or particles.

Passive fire protection of pipe penetrations

Pipe penetrations must also be protected to stop the fire from spreading. Roxtec offers passive fire protection and fire-resistant sealing systems for metallic pipe penetrations and plastic pipe entries.

Alternative to fire caulk and firestop sealant

Roxtec seals are designed to provide passive fire protection. The seals are made of high-quality fire-resistant materials and withstand intense heat and flames. They are easy to install and can be customized to fit specific applications. The seals are an alternative to fire caulk and firestop sealant.

Fire protection of plastic conduits in rolling stock from Roxtec

Roxtec also provides fire protection solutions for plastic conduits in rolling stock. Plastic conduits can easily catch fire, and the fire can spread throughout the train if entries are not properly protected. Roxtec offers a range of fire-resistant seals and transits for fire protection of plastic conduits. The seals are approved according to the EN 45545, EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3 and the NFPA 130 standards.

Fire test: Roxtec plastic pipe seals

A, B and H class and jet-fire rated sealing solutions

The Roxtec process of developing passive fire protection is supported by procedures for testing. Roxtec has an advanced fire test laboratory, daily used for R&D, indicative as well as third party witnessed tests. All Roxtec type approval certificates, issued by the classification societies, are of course issued on basis of tests conducted at accredited independent test laboratories. Roxtec cable and pipe transits are, for example, fire tested and approved for use in A class, B class and H class fire rated sections according to IMO Res. A 754 (18)/IMO FTP 2010, IMO Res MSC.307(88)/IMO FTP 2010 and SOLAS. The Roxtec sealing system is also jet-fire rated and approved according to ISO 22899-1:2021 and different military standards in various countries.

Fire lab - testing passive fire protection - cable and pipes

Watertightness after fire solutions

Another example of passive fire protection is the Roxtec back-to-back arrangement that maintains watertight integrity after a fire. This specific solution includes two Roxtec seals to provide a gas and watertight seal around a plastic pipe. Inside the seals, there is a layer of intumescent based material designed to react during a fire. Whenever exposed to the high temperatures of a fire, the material inside the seal on the fire side of the penetration will exfoliate and expand to crush the softening plastic pipe to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading to the next compartment. Should a second catastrophic event such as a flood take place, the seal that was not affected by the fire will maintain its gastight and watertight qualities and continue to protect the penetration against water ingress.

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