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Seals for speed and simplicity

Seals for speed and simplicity

FANUC Robotics America has reduced the installation time of their painting robots from four weeks to four days. One key to this success is the use of Roxtec seals.

Instant and long-term benefits

Quick cable entry installations increase productivity, while higher quality reduces the risk of costly downtime for customers in the automotive industry. The gas-tight cable entries protect equipment and minimize the risk of field installation failure – and accumulated losses in the automotive supply chain.

We are talking huge cost-savings.
Randall Schroeder, FANUC Robotics

Reasons for choosing Roxtec

  • Demands for gas-tightness
  • Major time and cost-savings
  • Ability for pre-terminated cables
  • Built-in spare capacity
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec – adaptability to cables of many sizes through sealing modules with removable layers

Project facts

Project description

Manufacturing of industrial paint robots and robotic systems for automotive industry

Owner, design and engineering

FANUC Robotics

Enclosure manufacturer

EDSI, Engineering Design Services Inc.


Cable entries in main robot control enclosure, control cabinets and robot arms

Sealing requirements

Gas-tight, IP 66/67