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Revolutionizing plastic pipe sealing

Watertight after fire.

We are the true pioneers within certified protection of plastic pipe penetrations. While official regulations now require test results for water-tightness after fire in a broader sense, we are already approaching the realization of the next generation of plastic pipe seals.

Roxtec developed both the sealing solutions and the specific test methods that prove water-tightness after fire performance for plastic pipe penetrations in the mid 00’s. The innovative Roxtec RS PPS/S seals and our strong back-to-back solutions conquered the market by maintaining integrity in case of fire onboard naval and commercial vessels. 

Testing is mandatory

Today, the use of plastic pipes onboard is very frequent – and so is the demand for plastic pipe sealing systems. The official requirements from authorities and classification societies now clearly state which test method to use and underline the need for 60 minutes fire protection followed by 60 minutes water-tightness after fire. As from January 2020, the water-tightness performance has to be tested also from the side that was exposed to fire.

Sustained water tightness after fire exposure.

RS PPS/S Seals mounted back to back in a longer sleeve.


Things can be better

As innovator and provider of certified safety seals, we welcome this development. It does not mean, however, that our technical experts just relax and confirm the importance of standardizing for safety. We want to enhance our plastic pipe seals, and we know there are things to improve even in the best and most certified solutions that are currently available. 

5 possible improvements 

Without revealing too much of the ongoing innovation work for the next generation of Roxtec plastic pipe seals, we can mention five things that can contribute to and simplify your safety work. We know the demands for both fire and water ingress protection, and want to: 

  1. Shorten the sleeves.   
  2. Enable even quicker and easier installation. 
  3. Minimize the need for insulation materials. 
  4. Create plastic pipe seals that are even lighter. 
  5. Improve the user-friendliness of the solutions.  

Roxtec sealing experts are working intensely within this field, and we believe we can start testing the new generation of plastic pipe seals with pipe, sleeve and insulation during 2020.