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Design your sealing solutions online

“You can sign up and start right away.”

Design your sealing solutions online

All design engineers who handle cable and pipe penetration seals can save time and secure quality with Roxtec Transit Designer™. The software makes sure you get the right seal for the right application as well as all related documentation. Thanks to true simplicity and great support, it is very easy to get started.

“I share my screen and walk new users through the process. They learn it quickly and are good to go after 15 minutes even if they were not familiar with Roxtec seals,” says Aleisha Kelley, Enablement Manager at Roxtec.

Aleisha Kelley has been working with Roxtec Transit Designer™ for several years. She knows it is a magnificent online tool for selecting and designing cable and pipe transits, for existing as well as new customers.

“Our sealing system is great, but you must know which components to order. Using the software, you can easily put all things together and get a complete purchase order with all the right part numbers.”

Appreciated design services

Aleisha Kelley has done the design for many projects – and thereby helped customers achieve huge time savings. One example is a project including three buildings with 1,000 openings for cables and pipes. The customer estimated three weeks of design work, but with the help of Aleisha Kelley everything was done and sent for approval in just one week.

“It is so good to be able to help the customers. They get everything they need from us, in one package. It includes all documentation, from drawings and 3D files to Bill of Material, certificates, and installation instructions. I can propose products we keep in stock and add tools to simplify their installation work.”

She has helped customers by designing everything from area efficient cable entries for cabinets to solutions for cables and conduits in cable trenches. She has also opened their eyes to a smart way of selecting matching Roxtec transits: use the size of the cable tray.

Presenting useful features

Aleisha Kelley is always ready to spend some extra time with customers who want to learn more on the software features, for example how to import multiple cables from an Excel file or add the required certificates. She has also shared project information with Roxtec product development engineers via the software and thereby been able to present customized solutions to customers with very specific needs.

Many design engineers see the advantages and want to be able to use the Roxtec Transit Designer™ themselves. The online tool makes it quick and easy to design safe cable and pipe transits – and it is completely free of charge. Regular users can, in fact, design hundreds of transits in just a few minutes.

“You can sign up and start using it right away, especially if you are familiar with our system. Otherwise, just sign up and contact or chat with us. We can share our screen and guide you through the process. After all, Roxtec solutions are certified safety products and we want to make sure everything is in place.”

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