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Looking at new digital services

Looking at new digital services

We continuously add new services to the Roxtec digital platform. It is, for example, already possible for Roxtec transit safety inspectors and your own quality assurance team to try using AR glasses when verifying cable and pipe seals on new-builds or after maintenance work in the field.

You can get information about the selected transit from the digital tools in the Roxtec software suite displayed in front of your eyes just by scanning its tag. You can take a picture of the transit, change its status or add comments, verbally. In a shipyard or at a construction site, it is handy to be able to update the system information just by talking and keep both hands free. Adding ID tags, making videos and entering comments, all at once, is an efficient way to create a transit registry. 

Automatic quality assurance

The functionalities are developed according to specific user needs and demands. It is a realizable vision to provide installers with stepwise installation instructions directly under their hardhat, in form of a video, pictures or a voice to follow. It is also possible to use machine learning to teach the AR glasses to recognize a specific safety product and then let it search for and find the most common installation errors. It gives you an automatized checklist – and an excellent help to guarantee quality.

Do you want to know more? Please contact Mats Åhman at the Roxtec Digital Solutions department.