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Manage your cable and pipe transits online

Save time, increase quality and optimize safety.

Use digital tools to control your mechanical seals. The Roxtec software suite simplifies work with everything from design, drawings and certificates through to installation, quality checks and mandatory documentation. The benefits are instant and sustainable.

Mats Åhman, Executive Vice President Digital Solutions at Roxtec

The set of interlinked tools is useful for anyone working with sealing solutions for cables and pipes. You can select and purchase the right seals, and report transit status in accordance with official standards and regulations.

Cut costs and eliminate your problems

We have created digital tools to help you handle daily tasks, and we have done it using both our extensive knowledge in sealing and our long experience of cooperation with customers in the field. It is great to be able to use our innovative strength to help you cut costs and overcome common onsite issues. 

  • Execute design changes with ease
  • Minimize time waste caused by poor planning

Here are the tools that form the complete Roxtec Software Suite™:

For the design, specification and purchase phases:

Roxtec Transit Designer™

There are already more than 50,000 users around the world that benefit from this free, online engineering tool. Use it to save time and reduce risk when designing multi-cable and pipe transits. You get help to select the right sealing solution according to industry project, structure, application and requirements via smart filters. Just enter inputs, such as cable schedule, sealing requirements and installation preferences, and receive manufacturer-approved outputs, such as drawings and a BOM, Bill of Material, for precise specification, ordering and installation details. 

International cooperation

This proven, amazing tool allows you to design hundreds of cable and pipe transits in just a few minutes. It simplifies global collaboration as you can share your work with project teams anywhere in the world. As registered Roxtec E-commerce customer, you can even purchase seals directly via the tool. This makes it easy for you to control that the purchase order matches the Bill of Material.   

Click here for more details regarding Roxtec Transit Designer™.

For the construction and commissioning phases:

Roxtec Transit Build™

Do you work with quality assurance and production management? Use this tool to manage and document the use of cable and pipe seals during the construction process. Automatically, it gives you a view of the status of each transit, in either a list view or a floor plan view, so you can follow the project in detail. Your engineering department receives confirmation live from the construction site showing that the final design is used.

Always up to date

Changes in the cable list in Roxtec Transit Designer™ can be exported to Roxtec Transit Build™, so that all the latest information is available for the installers in the field. This is excellent for minimizing time waste. Another way of increasing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary travel is letting quality control staff verify remotely when there are enough cable and pipe seals installed to start the inspection work.

Click here for more details regarding Roxtec Transit Build™

Roxtec Transit Build™ as app

Use the app version if you work onsite with quality assurance, or if you are project manager, installer or maintenance contractor. It provides practically the same features as Roxtec Transit Build™: 

  • Monitor each seal
  • Take action on errors
  • Rest assured that the changes you report will be automatically transferred to the digital tools used by the designers or production managers 

The app has the ability to work offline and synchronize information on status changes as soon as there is network access. 

Instant efficiency

Installers have the latest design and packing plan in their devices and can report work tasks as done. The updated as-built information returns to the engineers with photos linked to the specific seal. With the right information, such as the total BOM for the current work order, every installer will bring only the right components to site. This opens for tremendous improvements in logistics and a significant reduction of material waste.

For the operations and product life phases:

Roxtec Transit Operate™ (also in app version)

This is your digital transit management system, developed to enable systemized control, documentation and tracking of all transits through the entire lifecycle of your assets. It is your full list of all cable and pipe transits in a project, for example onboard an offshore unit or a vessel, or in any type of building or facility on land. You can also see all transits in a floor plan view. Use the transit management system to keep relevant information on each transit installation accessible. With valid real time information on the status of every cable and pipe seal, you ensure a high safety level.

Unique transit ID

There are two alternative ways for you to set up this register for quality assurance: 

A) You can use the transit inspection services we offer. In that case, you let our experienced experts ID mark your cable and pipe transits. They use our special tool Roxtec Transit Inspector, which transfers information to the tools that you will use to manage your transits. 

B) You can have your own team applying the ID tags on the cable and pipe transits and use the app version of Roxtec Transit Operate™ to enter the information into the register and the other tools. As you can see, the app versions are ideal both during construction and for long-term maintenance. 

Either way, when this is done each transit has a unique ID, with a number and an optional photograph. You can easily locate it, read its activity log and check its safety status. You can: 

  • Change status
  • Add comments
  • Upload documents
  • Trace who has opened and closed a transit
  • Extract the information for communication with colleagues or contractors

The reports serve also if classification societies request information during surveys. Use the register to monitor transit installation quality over time, from initial installations to the latest upgrades and additions of cables, pipes and equipment. 

Everything in order

Thanks to the connection to the other tools, such as Roxtec Transit Designer™, Roxtec Transit Inspector and the app versions, the register is constantly updated. It is fully in line with each transit log, and packing changes made onsite immediately overrule former ones, once approved. The practical transit activity log includes vital documents such as drawings, pictures, product data, installation instructions and certificates.

Click here to learn more about Roxtec Transit Operate™.

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The Roxtec Digital Solutions team: Ola Karlsson, Mattias Persson and Mats Åhman.

Do you want to know more? Please contact Mats Åhman at the Roxtec Digital Solutions department.