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7 reasons for using Roxtec seals for battery storage

Learn how to secure your business.

If you are developing utility scale battery energy storage, you must deal with the hazards associated with battery system failure whilst maintaining and protecting the system. You need to prevent water ingress and avoid the risk of overheating, thermal runaway, and the related risk of fire and explosion.

Here is why you should specify Roxtec cable and pipe entry seals and thereby be able to act in line with the international IEC 62485-5:2020 standard on safety requirements for secondary batteries and battery installations and the American NFPA 855 standard for the installation of stationary energy storage systems (ESS).

1. Ingress protection and vermin resistance

Storage facilities, containers, rooms, spaces, housings, cabinets and enclosures must be protected from water while batteries must be kept dry and clean to minimize the risk of corrosion. Besides preventing humidity and water ingress, Roxtec seals protect against dust, dirt, airborne contamination, and pests. The seals also allow for efficient environmental management ensuring optimum operating conditions.

2. Fire protection

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) need solutions for protecting the battery from fire and the surroundings from a fire in the battery room. Thermal runaway could for example occur if the battery is exposed to high temperature and in its turn lead to a fire. Roxtec seals are certified to prevent fire, flames, smoke, and heat from spreading.

3. Blast protection

Battery storage systems in thermal runaway failure can be extremely volatile and create explosive gases and explosive atmospheres. Roxtec provides blast load tested cable transit devices – limiting the consequences if the worst happens. Battery systems may require Ex certified protection. Roxtec cable transit devices are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and provide blast protection.

4. Cable security and cable retention

One of the major causes of thermal runaway failure is abuse, damage to cable terminations or connections. Roxtec offers a safe and secure way to manage cables, providing a high degree of cable retention and protection.


5. Bonding and grounding

Batteries must not be exposed to static discharge, electrical charge from equipment, arcs, or effects of lightning strikes, and systems handling large current or voltage levels must have their conductive parts connected to ground. You can replace traditional bonding glands and earthing kits with Roxtec BG™ solutions and easily seal, bond, and ground multiple armored and metal clad cables in one opening.

6. Long-term resistance and scalability

Battery systems are crucial for continuous operation when ordinary power supply is not available. Reliability and performance are therefore key throughout the lifecycle of the systems. Roxtec seals provide excellent cable protection and cable retention to prevent damage and faults. They contribute to ensuring long-term operational reliability and are even openable to enable scalability and expansion.


7. Certified and efficient safety solution

Battery storage facilities require quality in every detail and must be designed with a very high safety level. Remember that these systems are to keep vital equipment up and running when there is no other power available. You can benefit even more from Roxtec seals by using them as your standard solution. They can be sealed for shipping upon serial manufacturing and then opened for cable routing on site.