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10 reasons for using Roxtec seals in hydrogen facilities

Are you handling green hydrogen? If yes, you are probably trying to speed up and secure your business to enable the urgent green energy transition. And you are certainly in need of reliable passive protection in the form of cable and pipe entry seals. Here are 10 good reasons for using Roxtec sealing solutions, as highlighted within the Technical Report ISO/TR 15916 “Basic considerations for the safety of hydrogen systems”.

1. Ex rated products

Hydrogen can combust, detonate, and create an explosion. Roxtec provides Ex IIC class rated cable and pipe penetration seals that are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


2. Fire protection

Hydrogen is flammable. It only needs air and a source of ignition to form the fire triangle. Roxtec transits are tested and certified to efficiently prevent flames, smoke, and heat from spreading even where H or J class fire protection is required.

3. Gas-tightness

Hydrogen has a wide flammable area and a high diffusion rate. It is therefore important to keep it in a safe area. Roxtec seals are gas-tight and can resist gas pressure in case of a catastrophic situation.

4. Airtightness

Hydrogen, air, and ignition sources must be separated over the life of the energy carrier system to avoid the risk of explosion. Roxtec air-tight Ex seals make sure these elements are not present at the same time and place.

5. Bonding and grounding

Hydrogen must be kept safe from static discharge, electrical charge from equipment, arcs, and effects of lightning strikes. Seal, bond, and ground all armored and metal clad cables with Roxtec.


6. Watertightness

Hydrogen must never be reached by sparks from partial discharge activity caused by the build-up of moisture or relative humidity. Roxtec seals prevent humidity and water ingress and keep your site dry.

7. Clean barrier

Hydrogen facilities must be clean to secure operation, protect equipment from failure and avoid any formation of ignitable mixtures. Roxtec seals protect against environmental ingress, such as dust, dirt, and pollutants which may have an ignition potential. They also keep pests out and withstand fumigants.

8. Blast load protection

Hydrogen is an explosive gas. Although all care is taken to avoid leaks, they can happen. This can lead to an ignition and subsequent blast. Roxtec sealing solutions are tested against blast load exposure and are a good choice to ensure safety.

9. Resistance over time

Hydrogen facilities must be safe throughout their lifecycle. Roxtec seals ensure long-term operational reliability and are openable to enable periodic opening and upgrades. They are also easy to inspect.


10. Certified safety solution

Hydrogen facilities require quality. All buildings must be designed with the same safety level as the hydrogen equipment. Standardize with Roxtec seals also in “safe” zone walls, floors, and cabinets. Roxtec holds tests and certificates for global coverage, which simplifies design and compliance regardless of end market destination.

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