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Explosion protected cable seals for process industries

Explosion protected cable seals for process industries

Yokogawa provides cutting-edge measurement, control and information technologies in the global industrial automation and control industry, including customized analyzer packaged solutions. Yokogawa selects Roxtec as their preferred vendor for its cost-effective cable sealing solutions of high quality.

Yokogawa's Singapore facility is one of the company's Centers of Excellence for analyzer system integration.

"Yokogawa is focused in establishing long-term partnership with customers by providing unsurpassed value-added services and operation support to bring out the best of their plants," explains procurement engineer John Lim. "We deliver quality products, technology and services to set a clear path towards operation excellence as a whole. We look for the same while evaluating our vendors and expect the same level of quality and support from them."

Selected Roxtec

Having tried several different makes, John Lim and the division's engineering team are soon convinced that Roxtec is the right vendor to work with for a complete cable sealing solution:

"The Roxtec solution enables us to open and reseal the cable entries. Because of its safe, flexible and cost-efficient cable sealing solution, the team chooses Roxtec as our preferred vendor."

Ensuring Ex protection

Yokogawa frequently customizes solutions, and so does Roxtec. This includes the challenge of meeting Ex and EMC requirements with explosion protection for cabinets, junction boxes and shelters. Roxtec's Ex products are certified according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC and the IECEx scheme. Roxtec seals, available in versions for hazardous locations as well as for electrical safety, are once again the evident quality choice.

Roxtec means quality and good support.
John Lim, Yokogawa Electric International Pte Ltd

Why use Roxtec?

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency
  • High quality sealing
  • EMC solutions for electrical safety
  • Ex solutions for hazardous locations

Project facts

Project description

Creation of shelters with equipment for analytical and control systems

Design, engineering and installations

Yokogawa Electric International Pte Ltd and Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd


Sealing of cables of different sizes in shelters, cabinets and junction boxes

Sealing requirements

Watertight, fire-proof, gas-tight, explosion protection and electrical safety

Roxtec products

These sealing solutions were used in the project: