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Seals for entire mining systems

Protecting more than E-houses.

Seals for entire mining systems

The mining system of the Kostolac open pit mine in Drmno, Serbia, is equipped with reliable protection against water, dust and rodents. Design and engineering firms ThyssenKrupp and Sandvik specified Roxtec transits for everything from machines and buildings to control cabinets.

The engineers at the mine did not want to use foam or cable glands in vain anymore in the struggle against moisture, dust and pest issues. They had seen the superior protection provided by Roxtec seals in previous projects and were happy to use them as standard for the entire ECS (excavator-conveyor-stacker) system. 

With Roxtec seals, they got a water and rodent barrier – and better protection for the cable insulation. They even ensured bonding, grounding and electromagnetic shielding wherever needed. 

Recommends Roxtec

“Roxtec solutions are fully in line with the requirements in mining with surface exploitation,” says Zoran Miladinovic, head engineer for maintenance, Termoelektrane i kopovi Kostolac.

Zoran Miladinovic

“There is an obvious improvement in the places where we have applied the Roxtec solution. The degree of reliability of equipment increased and so did the production availability of the plant and mining machinery. We would without doubt recommend anyone to go in the direction of Roxtec’s intake application.”

Simplifying revitalization

The contractors, Mikro Kontrol and Energotehnika Juzna Backa (EnT Juba), were able to benefit from the simplicity of the space and time saving seals. Unlike foam or cable glands, Roxtec seals allow for changes and provide spare capacity for new cables or pipes in existing openings. This reduces the time needed for maintenance or retrofit work as well as the need for keeping sealing items in stock. 

One and same solution 

Roxtec standard and customized seals handle high cable density and cables of different sizes all over the mine, and protect the cables from damage due to vibration. The seals keep both E-houses on excavators, spreaders and transporter stations and operator cabins, control centers and substations tight and safe. Roxtec supported the project through installation training and follow-up inspection.

Roxtec solutions are fully in line with the requirements in mining with surface exploitation.
Zoran Miladinovic, Termoelektrane i kopovi Kostolac

Easy to ensure protection 

Dusan Nikolic, head of excavators and spreaders, electrical maintenance, Termoelektrane i kopovi Kostolac, experienced several benefits in replacing the cable glands by Roxtec seals:

Dusan Nikolic

“We got space saving and excellent dust, rodent and moisture protection for easy installation and reinstallation in electrical rooms. We can easily install a frame, route all the cables and then fit the modules.”

Why use Roxtec? 

  • Protection against multiple risks 
  • Electrical safety   
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Ideal for standardization
  • Built-in spare capacity for future needs 

Download the pdf-version of the Drmno, Serbias case.

Project facts

Project description

New ETD system in open pit mine in Drmno, Serbia

Involved companies

EPS (Elektroprivreda Srbije), Termoelektrane i kopovi Kostolac – owner
ThyssenKrupp and Sandvik – design/engineering
Mikro Kontrol and Energotehnika Juzna Backa (EnT Juba) – contractors
GOSA FOM, Zimpa UB – subcontractors


Sealing of cable and pipe entries in E-houses, operator cabins, control centers, motors, substations and cabinets

Sealing requirements

Bonding and grounding
Electromagnetic shielding