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Saving time while ensuring tightness

Thyson Technology designs Roxtec sealing solutions online.

Saving time while ensuring tightness

Thyson Technology in the UK selects Roxtec cable and pipe seals for at least three good reasons. One: They want gas-tight kiosk walls for their customers within gas transmission. Two: They want to save time by designing transits online. And three: They want to benefit from the Roxtec sealing expertise.

Thyson Technology is a specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business providing complex analyser systems, project management, contracting and manpower services for process industries. E, C & I Design Engineer Neil Doherty of Thyson Technology is currently working on designing gas quality analyser kiosks and metering systems. The kiosks are designed and built before being installed and commissioned onsite along with the associated field equipment. It is crucial to provide a gas-tight seal between the non-hazardous and hazardous areas within the kiosk. He designs with Roxtec multi-cable and pipe seals to ensure both gas-tightness and flexibility.

“I find Roxtec seals easy to install and quite versatile, with the removable layers on the sealing modules to suit a good variety of cable outer diameters,” says Neil Doherty.

“At Thyson, we set extremely high standards and are always looking to improve our bespoke installations in terms of quality and efficiency. When learning of Roxtec’s innovative solution to replace SWA cable glands, we thought this would be a good improvement for our installations. It looks neat and accommodates a large number of cables in a smaller footprint, and it would save a great deal of time on the initial installation as well as any future modifications. We have decided to use this solution on our control cabinets and power distribution cables where multiple cables are installed.”

Excellent design software

He also appreciates the design software Roxtec Transit Designer™ – which Roxtec provides for free.

“I have moved from installation into a design role, but it felt daunting when I had to specify the transit frames and components used myself. However, with the excellent configuration tool, and the expert guidance and technical support from Roxtec, I am confident to specify, order and offer new proposals to the company to save time on installations going forward.”

Support and training included

Formerly, they used other transits or stainless-steel plates with stuffing glands. They prefer Roxtec.

“Roxtec is not only easy to use and install. The parts configurator is a brilliant tool which helps design each transit and order the correct materials from the bill of materials automatically produced. The technical support is great as well. It is good to know Roxtec will advise on all installations and even call in to inspect installations and train personnel when required.”

The Roxtec parts configurator is a brilliant tool which helps design each transit and order the correct materials from the bill of materials automatically produced.
Neil Doherty, Thyson Technology

Why use Roxtec?

  • Gas-tight cable and pipe seals
  • Free transit design software
  • Technical support
  • Installation training
  • Quality inspections onsite

Project facts

Project description

Construction of gas quality analyser kiosks and metering systems in the UK

Involved company

Thyson Technology – design, engineering, and installation


Sealing of cable penetrations

Sealing requirements


Roxtec products

Roxtec multi-cable and pipe transits, Roxtec Transit Designer™ software