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Sealing solutions for growing cities

Sealing solutions for growing cities

In several spectacular projects of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, Roxtec cable and pipe seals were used to ensure safety and sustainability.

Improving the infrastructure

One example is the pioneering 800 kV power transmission system of the Fengxian HVDC converter station of the State Grid Corporation of China.

Watertight mission

Shanghai is a low-lying city, which means risk of flooding in cable trenches. In order to ensure stable electricity supply, the State Grid specified Roxtec seals.

Sustainable solutions

Roxtec sealing solutions are reliable, flexible and designed to cover future needs. They were also used in new tunnels, bridges and water treatment plants.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Protection against water and fire
  • Flexibility for many cables sizes
  • Easy to maintain and add cables
  • First class sealing product quality
  • Excellent service and availability

Project facts

Project description

Infrastructure projects – 800 kV power transmission, water treatment plant, city links


State Grid Corporation of China (Fengxian), Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Corporation Ltd (Linjiang) and Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co. Ltd (Dapu)


East China Electric Power Design Institute (Fengxian), Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design General Institute (Linjiang) and Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Dapu)


Shanghai Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Co (Fengxian), Zhejiang Zhu'an Construction Company (Linjiang) and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd (Dapu)


Cable and pipe penetrations in control rooms, valve rooms and transforming rooms as well as in drug rooms, disinfection tanks and control cabinets

Sealing requirements

Watertight (1 bar), fire-proof(120 min) and anti-corrosion