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Zurich Airport selects Roxtec seals

Efficient protection against multiple hazards.

Zurich Airport selects Roxtec seals

The new buildings at Zurich Airport are important for the power supply and the lighting and communication systems. The owner and engineering firms were united on the choice of sealing solutions for the cable and pipe penetrations. Once again, they chose Roxtec as sealing partner.


Zurich Airport, the international airport of Switzerland, has added a power distribution center, a transformer station, and a substation for the slope lighting system as well as a data center to its facilities. The airport representatives and the design engineers knew Roxtec from previous projects and returned to their trusted supplier to be able to benefit from both reliable seals and dedicated support.

Tested and approved seals

When it comes to sealing performance, the Roxtec sealing system provides certified protection against multiple risk factors. In this case, Zurich Airport and the engineering company specified Roxtec seals to overcome issues with water, dust, dirt, and rodents, and at the same time secure fire protection.


Flexible sealing solutions

The specific product used was the Roxtec GH transit. The transit frames in galvanized steel are bolted onto concrete walls and packed with Roxtec sealing modules that are easy to adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes thanks to Multidiameter™, the Roxtec invention based on removable rubber layers.

Professional assistance

The support consisted of a close cooperation from planning through to construction and follow-up. Roxtec sealing experts came onsite to train installers and verify that the work was carried out in a correct manner. All safety products must be properly installed to ensure the highest safety standards.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Easy standardization
  • Built-in spare capacity
  • Installation training
  • Support from A to Z

Project facts

Project description

Extension of airport, Zurich, Switzerland

Involved companies

Zurich Airport – owner
Bürgin und Keller Engineering Adliswil – design and engineering
ETAVIS and Kull Elektro – electrical installations


Sealing of cable and pipe entries in buildings for power distribution and communication

Sealing requirements

• Fire protection
• Watertight
• Dust-tight
• Dirtproof
• Rodent barrier

Roxtec products

Roxtec GH transits