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Watertightness worth a billion

Efficient sealing of utility tunnels.

Watertightness worth a billion

Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau specified Roxtec cable and pipe seals for the utility tunnel along North Industrial Road in the Shandong province, China

The reason was to avoid water leakage into the tunnel. A power outage would affect many factories nearby and cause severe safety issues as well as production losses for up to one billion CNY (152 million USD).
"Roxtec is a famous and very reliable safety solution", says Mr. Hongsen Wang, onsite installation coordinator at Jinan Hui Tong Joint-Municipal Co., Ltd.

One perfect solution

The seals had to be able to handle the complex system of cables and pipelines and withstand rainy conditions and constant water pressure. The tunnel runs through a low-lying landscape as well as in mountainous and urban areas. By choosing Roxtec, the builders covered all demands with one single system.

Roxtec provided efficient support and service during the entire process.
Mr. Hongsen Wang, Jinan Hui Tong Joint-Municipal Co., Ltd.

Sealing underground

523 wall entries for the electric power system were sealed with Roxtec R transits. Another 479 openings for cables and pipes in the communication system were sealed with Roxtec UG™ seals for underground applications. The seals are equipped with knockout sleeves to enable sealing before routing.
"Roxtec UG™ is an ideal solution for solving the problem of water ingress and constant water pressure in underground projects", says Mr. Hongsen Wang.

Long-lasting efficiency

Roxtec seals have built-in spare capacity for additional cables and pipes of different sizes. This feature helps owners, designers and installers ensure long-term protection, reduce maintenance costs and be ready for the future.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Technical support
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Flexibility for varying cable and pipe sizes
  • Spare capacity for future cables and pipes

Projects facts

Project description

Construction of new utility tunnel in Jian in the Shandong province, China

Involved companies

Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau – owner,
Jinan Municipal Design Institute – design and engineering,
Jinan Hui Tong Joint-Municipal Co., Ltd – contractor and installer


Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations in walls and underground

Sealing requirements

Resistant to constant water pressure, gas-tight, corrosion resistant and rodent barrier