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Flexible sealing solutions for high-tech vessels

Flexible sealing solutions for high-tech vessels

Vidar of Hochtief Solutions AG is a jack-up vessel for the realization of offshore projects such as installation of oil and gas platforms or wind farms in extreme weather conditions.

Certified protection

Vidar of Hochtief

Roxtec cable and pipe transits are used all over the ship – in decks, bulkheads, cabinets and equipment – to protect against water, fire and gas. The marine engineers decided to go for Roxtec transits with 12 percent spare capacity to be ready for any design changes. It is so expensive to make holes and add cables or pipes later on.

Even the safety inspectors said that Roxtec is very efficient and suggested that we plan for more.
Andreas Standfuss, electrician and Vidar crew member, Hochtief Solutions AG.

Project facts

Project description

New-build and operation of self-elevating offshore installation unit

Owner and design

Hochtief Solutions AG

Detailed designs

StoGda Ship Design & Engineering Sp.z o.o

Shipyard construction


Electrical installations

An-Elec Sp.z o.o.


Sealing of cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes in decks, bulkheads, cabinets and equipment

Sealing requirements

Watertight according to marine classification, fire-proof according to A-60 marine fire rating